Expert Auto Detailing in Sandwich, IL

Rim Cleaning

At Route 34 Auto Detailing we treat your car like its your baby. We are car specialists - but more importantly - we love keeping your car fresh and clean (no matter the weather!)

Our special services include:

  • Quick, Shiny Wax
  • Full Car Detail
  • Full Engine Component Clean
  • Foam Clean Rug/Seat
  • Sounds nice, right? And we do it for the lowest prices around. Leave us a message in the contact form and we will follow up with you within 24 hours! (No later, we promise!) Stay Fresh and Stay Clean.

    Route 34 Auto Detailing in making your car look sparkling clean, shiny, and like new no matter if it’s a year old or a classic antique. Our team of auto specialists details the exterior, interior, and engine components of your car. Using professional grade wax, cleaning agents, and polishing tools, we remove all dust, dirt, and fingerprints, making sure to cover every crevice and leaving no area of your car behind.

    Whether you need a quick wax or a full car detailing, we’ve been serving the customers of Sandwich, Illinois for many years. Closely cleaning the engine components will not only make your car look great, but will keep things running efficiently.

    Route 34 Auto Detailing also vacuums and shampoos the rugs and seats and finishes up with an air freshener to leave your car smelling fresh. Bring your car in today and have it back looking amazing within a few hours.

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